Did you know your Service Manager solution is probably only giving you 300% of the value you could be getting?

A common piece of work we do is to review a client’s implementation of Service Manager and you might be surprised to learn that virtually all of these reviews have established that the client is extracting only a small part of the value that they could be getting. This is particularly upsetting for those clients who have spent hard dollars paying some partner to implement it for them.

Our work with Service Manager over past few years has exposed a great range of capabilities. These are a few of the common areas that we see companies missing out on.

Proactive notifications.

You want to have automated notifications using email, sms, etc, advising all the relevant people involved in an incident or activity. You also want to send relevant concise information. One of the most common complaints from users continues to be a lack of information updates.

Expansion to non-IT business units.

Other business units in your organisation, such as HR, Finance, Facilities, are probably spending money on their own system to track and manage requests and issues. Smart organisations are leveraging their investment in Service Manager and embracing these non-IUT business units. You don’t have to be an ITIL die-hard when building their processes, but you can establish great automation and workflow that is a tremendous help to them. I bet you will see them lift the quality of the support they deliver to the organisation.

Don’t be shy….. automate.

If there is one way to guarantee a huge business benefit in using Service Manager, it’s using Orchestrator and Workflow to automate as much as you can. Now be careful, because there is the way to automate, and the way not to automate. Getting this right is a golden key for the CIO to position IT as an innovator and enabler for the organisation.

If this stuff interest you then you should join the Australian Service Manager User Group. We are having our first live online knowledge event on November 25. Register here. http://www.systemology.com.au/?q=node/77