Getting Acquainted with the Cireson HTML Self Service Portal

We love Cireson and one of the innovative applications for Service Manager that they have created is the HTML5 Self-Service and Analyst Console Web Portal. This is an easy to use application and gives you a wide range of features that you are never going to want to live without once you have discovered them.

What is the Cireson HTML Self Service Portal?

Essentially the Cireson Self Service Portal directly replaces the Microsoft Self Service Portal. It enables you as a user to access features that will perform everyday tasks for you such as:

  • The service catalogue where you can submit service requests and report incidents;
  • View/update requests;
  • Search the knowledge base;
  • Approve/reject requests;
  • Update manual activities assigned to you.

The Cireson Self Service Portal streamlines these tasks and makes them easy for you to complete, whilst also keeping your customers updated about the status of their requests.

Steps Ahead of Out of the Box Portals

When compared to an out of the box solution, the Cireson Self Service Portal offers an easier integration into your existing infrastructure and can be styled to suit your work preferences. Let’s have a quick look at some of the things you get when you use Cireson:

  • Internet-facing supported;
  • HTML 5;
  • Works on x-plat/mobile;
  • Excellent performance/scale.

Getting a Full Overview

We were fortunate to catch up with Travis Wright and talk to him about the Cireson Self Service Portal.  He gave us an in-depth overview of how the portal works and how you can configure it to fit your needs. If you want to see the full webinar follow our link here.