That’s not Incident Management ... THIS is Incident Management!

You may think your implementation of Incident Management in Service Manager is adequate right? It is commonly the first ITSM process that IT teams address, however from what we see many implementations fall well short of the mark.

I can hear some of you say "Yes, but we’re a simple business, we don’t need your fancy processes”. Perhaps you just haven’t seen an example of what you can do. Perhaps you’re not talking to the right people. It’s not about how big or small your business is – the opportunity to innovate and drive up service quality whilst driving down operating cost should be important to us all.

Incident Management is about restoring service asap, however you also have an opportunity to bring environment management into the picture, bring in SCOM and SCCM and consider a picture where you have automatic alerting of problems, automatic remediation and restoration activities, automated movement of workloads so that your system is working proactively to address and resolve problems before the business actually experiences a problem. These are not aspirational ideas, they are achievable outcomes that more businesses should be adopting.

Whether you have 5 or 55 people in your IT team, if should have them working on more valuable activities rather than restarting failed services, or doing those incessant access requests or building machines. Take the opportunity to be in the driver’s seat - isn’t that where you would rather be?

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