Finally, Service Manager as a fully hosted managed service. What are you waiting for!

ITSM in the cloud is a well understood and well accepted option for organisations. IT teams can achieve a full ITIL compliant solution at a materially lower total cost than deploying on-premises. Cloud solutions also mean that IT teams don’t need to worry about managing and maintaining the application or its supporting infrastructure, allowing them to focus on their customers and delivering great IT service.

There is no shortage of cloud service desk options ranging for the very simple to the complex. There are however some things you typically give up in moving to a cloud solution, such as:

  • Constrained to using a ‘vanilla’ flavoured interpretation of a service desk, which may not perfectly fit your business.
  • Data which is stored somewhere in the cloud that you can’t easily get to.
  • It may not be your preferred choice of cloud and result in a cloud strategy that is fragmented more than you prefer.
  • Locked into a service provider for an important business application which presents difficulties in moving elsewhere if service levels are poor.

Microsoft Service Manager is proving to be a very popular choice for service desk and service management across government and industry and now Systemology provides an alternative to access Service Manager in the cloud as a managed service. Watch our short video here.

The benefits to customers in considering this option ultimately boil down to flexibility, choice and value, such as:

  • It’s not a generic constrained designed like most cloud solutions. It’s your design, fit for your business.
  • It’s your data and you have full access and control over it.
  • It’s your cloud. Whilst we prefer Windows Azure cloud, you can use any cloud service you like.
  • It’s your license. You already own System Center, why pay licensing costs again.
  • We set it up and manage it, you just focus on using it.

Flexibility means that you choose only the options you need, which keeps costs down. You can add features and functionality at any time. For example, a recent client started with the basic ticketing pack, which provided a simple Incident Management solution. Later the client connected the solution to their IT infrastructure to create a comprehensive CMDB plus a connector to Office365 for email integration.

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