Windows Intune with Config Manager - Be Smart & Stay Lean

If you have a growing number of workers using a range of devices and working in non-standard locations you may be struggling to keep track of everything and everyone. Windows Intune just may be the perfect solution for you as it addresses all of the key challenges that you are facing such as.

  • Workers in many locations;
  • Non-domain joined desktops;
  • Workers offline for extended periods of time;
  • Securing remote PCs;
  • Multiple configurations and versions;
  • Infrastructure investment.

Intune Manages and Secures PCs/Devices

Intune is a simple web-based application that can be managed from anywhere on any device making it easy to ensure the security of your entire network by:

  • Providing protection from malware;
  • Managing updates;
  • Distributing software;
  • Proactive monitoring and alerts;
  • Remote support;
  • Inventory hardware and software;
  • Set Security policies.

In addition Intune:

  • Complements SCCM by extending desktop management to cover all PCs/devices;
  • Through the use of a cloud service, it is easily deployed to satellite offices, new acquisitions or for organisations with limited infrastructure;
  • You can utilise the subscription model for Windows Enterprise.

Learn More About Intune

Intune is a practical and easy to solution for any business that needs to manage multiple devices. Find out more about Intune, Migrating XP and cloud storage in webinar here or via slide share here.