A Service Catalogue For the Whole Organisation

An effective Self-Service Catalogue delivers enormous value across the entire organisation. With Service Manager, a powerful catalogue is possible, and leveraging other aspects of System Center allows you to bring the catalogue to life with end-to-end automation.

Progressive organisations are using a single service catalogue for all types of requests, not limited to only IT related items. These catalogues become a one-stop shop for staff making it quick and easy to request anything within the organisation, from business cards and annual leave requests to computers and software.

By taking advantage of Service Manager’s granular role based access controls, parts of the service catalogue can be hidden from some staff and not others. For example, a Finance support team has two parts to their service catalogue: one part presents all the requests that general staff can access, whilst the other part contains items that only the Finance support team can see and use.

In a similar way, IT teams can use a protected part of the catalogue to contain items that only they would use, such as requesting a virtual machine, or launching a maintenance automation activity.

Service Manager’s powerful workflow engine is used to route requests to the right team for action, or the request can be fully automated so no IT person has to touch it. Its clear to see how a well-designed service catalogue can reduce operating overhead, increase the speed of provisioning requests and lift the overall level of service quality across an organisation.

Systemology provides cost effective pre-configured service catalogue packs which make it quick and easy for an organisation to deliver a working self-service portal in no time. Picture: Try to find a picture of a business person interacting with a screen – ideally choosing something from a menu type screen.

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