Choose Your Service Manager Partner Carefully

Service Manager is perhaps the most complex solution within the System Center suite. A large part of that complexity is due to the simple fact that it is a business process based solution. Many partners approach the installation of Service Manager in a similar fashion to installing Configuration Manager or Operations Manager, however such an approach is fundamentally flawed and will lead to poor outcomes. It is by no accident that the most common work Systemology performs is Service Manager health checks and remediation of work done by others. So if you are not satisfied by your current Service Manager solution, don’t despair and don’t suffer with additional cost to change to another solution. Remediation by experts is easy and may cost less than you think.

Systemology are experts in Microsoft Service Manager because we are experts in the practice of ITIL Service Management. Our customers see the difference in our methodology, our knowledge and our expertise. We know how to design and configure Service Manager to deliver your most simple or most complex requirements. We also know how to integrate Service Manager with other System Center modules to truly unlock the value of end-to-end automation and efficiency.

We also care about your long term ITSM journey. That’s why we have our own custom designed training courses, post project support services and even a full managed service.

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