About Us

Systemology is an organisation passionate about the benefit companies can gain from using Microsoft's System Center platform and Microsoft's Service Manager solution.
Our people have been in this space for over 20 years, delivering ITIL solutions to a wide variety of companies in different industries. Systemology is a leading expert in Service Manager on the Australian IT scene, founded by Mat Barnier and John Mustac. See information on our Directors below.

Systemology Directors

Mat Barnier

Mat has been in IT for 25 years and gained experience from a range of areas, including pure Engineering to Management. He founded Planwell Technology in 1991 after leaving a role as IT Manager from an end user organisation he was with for over a 10 years.

Mat established one of Australia's largest ITSM practices with over 150 staff operating in over eight offices in three countries across Asia Pacific. During his career Mat has participated in a public listing (IPO), a Management Buy Out, negotiated and executed business and asset acquisitions, and set up joint ventures.

He is recognised in the Service Management industry as the ‘father’ of ITSM and highly respected by his peers in the industry. Mat is a Microsoft Certified Professional, holding certifications in Microsoft System Center Operations Manager, Windows Server 2008 Server Virtualisation and Pro Windows Server Virtualisation Administrator.

John Mustac

John has been involved in technology businesses for over 25 years. Starting as an Electrical Engineer and moving into sales, marketing and management, John brings significant experience and skills in building businesses that focus on delivering great customer outcomes.

His industry coverage includes telecommunications, systems integration, automation, infrastructure management, information security, service management and private/public cloud. John holds a Degree in Electrical Engineering, Masters in Management and a Diploma in Marketing.

John is also a Microsoft Certified Professional, holding certifications in Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, Windows Server 2008 Desktop Virtualisation and Pro Windows Server Virtualisation Administrator.

Why Choose Us

Technical knowledge - We pride ourselves on the depth of technical knowledge of all of people. All staff hold a range of current Microsoft technical certifications - even our sales guys. This ensures our advice is accurate and realistic - advice you can rely on.

Focus - We only do Microsoft System Center and Service Manager, and because that's all we do each day, we're good at it. This turns into quality results for you.

We have the experience - We have been in this industry for over 20 years. Our knowledge is a combination of formal training and real life experience. Things don’t always go to plan, and its this experience that allows us to be agile and innovative, to bring you the result that you expect.