SCSM 2012 Training Courses

Our training courses take a holistic service management position, covering the Microsoft technology plus service management processes and methodology. This ensures you know how to get the best value from technology.

We also bring our deep experience in deploying Service Manager to our training courses so you get trained by people with firsthand experience. Training courses are structured as either set courses or can be customised to suit client requirements. Contact us for information on pricing and availability.

Introduction to Service Manager - Duration 2 days

Inclusions Manual (soft copy), Minimum student numbers 5

Day 1. : Understanding IT Service Management

  • Introduction to IT Service Management - including ITIL and MOF. Covers broad content across service management and the alignment of ITIL and MOF.
  • Introduction to Microsoft System Center - Looks at all the modules within MSSC, what they are used for and how they can be used together.
  • Overview of Service Manager - Top level look at SM, how it works and what it achieves as an outcome for the organisation.
  • Understanding ITSM processes within Service Manager - A top level look at what SM does, going through each of the main components.

Day 2 : Understanding Microsoft Service Manager

  • Planning for Service Manager - Covers all the planning considerations, including sizing and installation pre-requisites.
  • Installing Service Manager - How to install Service Manager for different scenarios.
  • Basic configuration - Covers how to do a simple setup of the OOB elements of SM. Excludes the self-service portal.

Intermediate Service Manager - Duration 3 days

Inclusions Manual (soft copy), Minimum student numbers 5

Recommended Pre-requisites:

  • Course - Introduction to Service Manager
  • Practical experience in using Service Manager

Day 1. : Planning and Deploying Service Manager

  • Planning Service Management. Detailed section on developing ITSM processes that align with the needs of the business.
  • Readying Infrastructure for Service Manager Covers infrastructure items, sizing and pre-requisites for installing Service Manager and portal.
  • Installing Service Manager. Theory and lab.

Day 2. : Configuring Service Manager

Theory and labs to understand and configure the following:

  • Administration. Fundamental setup aspects.
  • Connectors to AD, Exchange, SCCM & SCOM.
  • Incident
  • Problem
  • Change
  • Knowledge
  • Service Level Objectives
  • Notifications
  • Workflow

Day 3. : Configuration, Reporting and Self Service

Theory and labs to understand and configure the following:

  • Service Request
  • Service Catalogue
  • Self Service Portal
  • Reporting: Use of standard reports, configuring and customising reports.
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