ITSM Assessments:

ITSM SnapShot

A fixed price short reviews conducted by one of our Directors to review your strategic adoption of service management and examines whether you are extracting the value that pragmatically aligns with both your investments and your requirements. A detailed report is provided.

SnapShot is useful when you are starting your examination and understanding of service management within your organisation.

SnapShot reviews are available for:
  • ITIL Assessments
  • Service Manager Reviews

ITSM Pathways

ITSM Pathways provides a fixed price ITSM assessment and journey plan that measures the IT Service Management processes with reference to the ITIL Framework and reviews related business objectives and internal capability. The output is a comprehensive journey plan report that provides pragmatic guidance on the right path to take to improve service management outcomes.

Pathways is useful when you reach the stage of committing to service quality improvement and when you wish to know the things you don't know. Pathways enables you to get specific about your improvement or transformation plans.